Student Recruitment

Our Services

CornerStone Agency offers our clients a vast amount of services that makes it easier and smoother for them to find a University of their choice and get accepted within a minimum time frame.

University Application Process

The first step is for a student to pick at least one University of their choice from our list of Partner Universities. After the student has made their choice based on their grades, budget and expectations, we will ask them to provide all the required documents and deal with all the paperwork with the institution on behalf of the student until we get the student a place.

Visa Application

Students are advised about the visa restrictions and requirements before we go ahead and apply for a student visa on their behalf. During this process, we will do all the paperwork on behalf of the student until the Visa has been approved.

Student Guidance

Many times students are not always sure what they wish to study at University hence we offer our clients all the advice they need so that they make a wise decision on what to study at University.

Travel and Accommodation

We want nothing but the best for our clients. We arrange accommodation on behalf of our clients so that when they arrive in the country they will be studying, their accommodation will be ready for them. We arrange, safe, reliable and comfortable accommodation that gives students a homely feeling so that they can enjoy their entire stay abroad.

We also make all the traveling arrangements for all our clients starting from the moment they live their house, airport pickups and finally dropped at their destinations safe and sound. We have partnered with Airlines to provide our clients with the best fares all the times.

Medical Examinations

Most Countries have certain requirements for everyone who wishes to enter their country and one of the most common requirement is a medical examination. We have partnered with Medical Practitioners so that we can assist our clients to be medically examined and get a certificate that will make them eligible to travel abroad and not be restricted to enter the country they wish to study in.


Our partner Universities grant us a certain number of scholarships for a given period hence we offer these scholarships to deserving students on behalf of the institutions. All our clients are advised to apply for these scholarships.

Student Loans

Everyone has the right to education and we believe money should not be a reason why a student with a bright future should be stuck because they cannot afford to attend University. We offer student loans to our clients based on the results of our screening process.