About Us


CornerStone Agency (CSA) is a Private Business cooperation that has been built upon the solid aim of bridging the gap between Local High schools in Zimbabwe and Universities overseas primarily in Malaysia. Our mission is to assist students from various backgrounds in Zimbabwe to achieve their educational dreams of attaining high quality and affordable International degrees and qualifications. We aim to help students make the right decisions in terms of which institution they wish to attend based on their Expectations, Grades and Budget.

We also aim to provide our partner Universities with students we believe will work hard to achieve their goals and also act according to an acceptable conduct proclaimed by the Institutions. We have limited our partnerships to a limited number of institutions for the best impact at maintaining our relations.

We organize school tours to reach out to all students who will be eligible to attend University within the next two years. Our on-site programs include one-to-one discussions with students and or parents as well as school officials to give them all the information they need to know about our partner Universities. Every tour will be escorted with an agent who has intense knowledge and or experience about the host country to give a detailed insight about life in that country. Visit our Student Recruitment page for more.

CornerStone Agency also provides travel agency services. We have honeymoon packages for couples who wish to have a honeymoon they will never forget. Our travel guide experts have intense knowledge on which destinations will meet the expectations of our clients based on what they wish to experience during their travel.

Also families who wish to go on vacations can make good use of our travel agency service. Visit our Vacations page for more.